Skip Lawrence

Skip Lawrence is an internationally recognized and respected artist, teacher, and author. He has been featured in major art publications and holds numerous awards for his artistic achievements. However, he is best known for his engaging style of teaching and his charismatic personality.

A Few Words From Skip:

“I have been teaching art most of my life. I have taught in high schools, colleges, church basements, and even hotel auditoriums. I have won more than my fair share of art awards and been honored with the ‘Distinguished Alumni Award’ from Towson University. I love art and helping students realize what they are truly capable of.

One of my greatest joys of teaching is helping the student tap into the deeper ‘Why’ of painting. Most artists will agree materials, form, and technique are all essential components of an artist’s vocabulary. However, the personal story – the content – is what makes a painting compelling. Having a limited ‘vocabulary’ can lead painters down the road of frustration, and painting without a personal content leads to simply imitating someone else’s material, and that is a hollow victory, and certainly the antithesis of creativity.

I challenge students to ask the big questions of themselves, to clarify and celebrate just what it is that always brings them back to the brush, the paint and the blank surface.”

More information about Skip Lawrence is available on his website.